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Have questions about or need help with sizes for your big feet or apparel? Hopefully the information below will help you out. If not give us a call: 1 800 884 4046 or send us an e-mail: oddorders@oddball.com

How to Size Your BIG Feet

Follow these easy steps to measure your big feet.

If you have any questions give us a Call: 1 (800) 884 4046

Please follow these basic steps to give yourself a general idea of what size shoe you wear. Note: It is easiest if you have someone assist you... but you can do it yourself.

  1. If you plan on wearing socks with the shoes wear the socks you will wear.
  2. Stand on a piece of paper with both feet. We taped a couple of pieces together because the large size of our feet would not fit on just one page. It is best that you stand because your feet will spread out more than if you are sitting. NOTE: It is important to measure BOTH feet. Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other.
  3. Trace your feet- or have your assistant do this. Try to keep the pen/pencil that you are using as vertical as possible and as close as possible to the feet.
  4. Draw a straight horizontal line at the heel and toe at the longest point and also on each side of the foot at the widest point.
  5. Measure the distances- length and width then use largest measurements. Remember to double check your measurements.
  6. It is recommended that you subtract about 3/16 of an inch or 5mm from your measurement to get the true size of your foot. This is because the tracing is an outline of the foot.

Trace your foot

Use the measurements of the larger foot.

Now Look at the Sizing Chart in the next Section...

Measure length and width

Our Foot Model's larger foot
12.625 inches long
and 4.625 inches wide.
So his exact measurements are
12.45 by 4.45 inches.

Large Size Shoe Sizing Chart

Shoe Sizing:

This chart will give you a rough idea of what size you will wear in a "true to size" fitting shoe it does not take into consideration other variables concerning your foot (ie flat feet, high arch, no arch, high instep etc..) It also does not adjust for variations from brand to brand. All Big Shoes fit different. Please give us a call at 1 (800) 884 4046 if you have any questions.

Shoe Sizing Chart

For even more fit info check out our brand sizing guide

If you have any questions at all, give us a CALL! 1(800)884-4046

We are glad to help you find the right shoe for you.

General Fit By Brand

Fit Tips for Large Size Shoes by Brand

Due to the fact shoe sizing in this day an age can be an inexact science we have compiled the following list of how each brand generally fits. Please take notice that shoes even within the same brand can fit differently from style to style. So use this guide, along with our sizing chart and specific shoe fit description notes (which can be found on each products specific page) in finding the perfect big shoes to fit for your big foot.

When in doubt drop us an email or give us a call and one of our big shoe sizing experts would be happy to assist. Call us toll free at 1-800-884-4046.

Athletic Shoes: All athletic shoes and brands tend to fit a little different. If you have a good fit in a particular brand then staying with that size is the wise thing to do. Some athletic shoes fit small and narrow so you may have to order a size larger than the chart suggests for them to be comfortable. If you mostly wear athletic shoes you may find that you drop a size in other styles of shoes.

Casual Shoes/Dress Shoes: These shoes fit a little larger than true to size. If you mostly wear athletic shoes you may find that you need to order a size down.

Sandals: Sandals mostly runs true to size in length. If you never have worn a flip flop, thong, sandal before getting a basic length measurement of your is a good place to start. It is also reasonable to assume that sizing down in a sandals compared to an athletic shoe is a good idea.

Adidas: Due to the athletic inspired construction and design of most adidas these shoes tend to fit shorter in length then most shoes. When buying a performance-based shoe like this we advise sizing up one size to give you ample room.

Adidas Originals: Most of these shoes are constructed on narrow lasts and thus the shoes end up fitting most people on the small and narrow side. When buying the Original's we advise sizing up one size to give you adequate room. This is not necessarily true for every shoe in this brand some make sure to read the fit description on the shoe in question.

Columbia: These shoes tend to fit true to size. If buying a Columbia Sandal however consider the fact that most people wear a size smaller in them compared to an athletic inspired shoe.

Cole Haan: These shoes tend to fit large or true to size. Colhaan's have a dress/casual fit and fit on the long side.

Converse: Due to the simple construction and design, Converse shoes tend to fit about 1/2 to a full size large depending on the exact shoe. Please read fit description for each shoe as some Converse fit true to size.

Callaway: Fit true to size, similar in fit to most casual shoes.

DC Footwear: Fit true to size, as they are skateboarding inspired sneakers they have extra thick tongues providing ample support and hold. Dc's shoes also are cut a little on the wider side.

Dunham: These shoes provide a more casual and roomy fit. Many people wear a smaller size in their casual shoes than they would in an athletic inspired shoe. Some dunham shoes are available in extended widths.

Florsheim: See Dunham.

Frye Boots: These boots tend to fit true to size if not a half size large, not great for a narrow or slender foot.

J Shoes: These shoes provide both a casual and roomy fit and thus fit true to size if not a little long.

Keen: These shoes tend to provide a causal fit, but are built on athletic-inspired construction. When in between sizes it s best to size up especially in the Targhee Series shoes.

Lacoste: While athletic inspired in design, Lacoste shoes tend to provide a more casual style fit and thus are more true to size then your average sneakers.

LB Evans: House slippers tend to fit true to size if not roomy compared to most other athletic shoes.

New Balance: Both athletic and comfort inspired most New Balance tend to fit true to size even though they are athletic inspired shoes. NB have great attention to detail when It come to there fit. Some NB shoes are available in extended widths.

Nike: Athletically inspired thus providing a fit then tends to be on the small side. When in between sizes it is safe to assume to size up.

Oakley: These sandals tend to fit true to size if not slightly long. When in between sizes on a sandal it's usually safer to size down.

PF FLyers: Simple design and construction give shoes a roomy fit but don't fit as large as the Converse shoes and tend to be more true to size.

Puma: Within Puma the fits seem to differ from size to size. Please read fit description associated with the shoes for the most relevant sizing information.

Reef: These sandals tend to fit true to size if not slightly long. When in between sizes on a sandal it's usually safer to size down.

Simple: These tend to provide a more causal inspired fit and are true to size.

Steve Madden: These shoes tend to fit large or true to size. Steve Madden's have a more dress/casual fit, and fit on the long side.

Vans: A skateboarding inspired sneaker these shoes also tend to have a thicker then average tongue but still seem to have a more true to size fit.

Vans Original: Simple design and construction give shoes a roomy fit but don't fit as large as the Converse shoes and tend to be more true to size.

Width Chart

Width Tips

Another factor in sizing your feet is finding the right width.
The width of a shoe is denoted by a letter:

A = Very Narrow
B = Narrow
D = Medium
EE = Wide
EEEE = Extra Wide

Most of the shoes that are available in Large sizes are only available in one width.
In fact, most brands, big sizes or not, only make one width in any size of their shoes.
This Width in Men's shoes is "D," also known as medium.

Oddball.com typically only carries the following widths: B, D, EE, EEE & EEEE.
We currently do not carry any shoes that are available in an A or AA width.
The following brands offer some styles in alternate widths:
Dunham- B, D & EEEE widths
New Balance- B, D, EE & EEEE widths
LB Evans- D & EEEE Widths
Florsheim- D & EEE widths
Adidas- D & EEEE
Columbia- D & EEE
Callaway Golf shoes have an insole that can be adjusted to accommodate for a wider width foot as well.

As always- if you have any questions regarding the fit- please give us
a call 1(800)884 4046. A big shoe sizing expert would be happy to help.