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A Peek Into Our Portland Store
By Julia 3 years ago No comments

Even though about 90% of our business is done online, the remaining 10% happens in the form of walk-ins at our Portland, Oregon store. That means Oddball HQ is more than just a big warehouse and is much cooler than the average retail space (at least we like to think so).


Breaking News: if you’re an Oddball customer, you also have access to a free arcade whenever you shop with us. Lord of the Rings themed Pinball, Defender, NBA Jam, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, and Ping Pong are all scattered throughout the store for our big-footed customers to use free of charge.

Sales Table

The Sales Table is a true fan favorite. On Saturday morning herds of Oddball natives flock straight to the freshly stocked sales table. It’s like the clearance section of our website, but better.

Wall of Fame

This is where we display some of our better known customers, aka the NBA and NFL players who have stopped by our store. Read the full story here.


Because the arcade games weren’t enough entertainment.


This is where all your shoes live before we box them up and send them off. Super exciting stuff.

Packing Table

This is where the online-order-magic happens. Your shoes are checked, double-checked, boxed, and taped on this very table. No robots yet.

This blog post just covers the retail and warehouse floor of Oddball. There’s a whole other top-secret floor (note the Keep Out signs) but we’ll save that for another time.