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Fit Insole (3-Pack)



Fit Note:

Oddball Fit Insoles come in sizes 13/14 & 15/16

Simply trim the toe area to create the perfect fit for any style shoe.

Great for any type of Feet!

3-PACK ATTACK! Feel the CUSH with these Oddball Fit Insoles -- now in a convenient 3-Pack. Put them in any type of shoe to create a better fit and added comfort. Specially designed for large-sized men's feet.
  • Lightweight, padded comfort.
  • Anti-microbial top cloth.
  • Recycled PU (polyurethane);: Provides comfort while it stays in place. No wrinkling, bunching or slipping.
  • Anti-Bacterial & Mildew Proof: Prevents bacterial and mildew odor.
  • Recycled Material:
    Made from leftover production scrap and recycled materials to create
    this ecologically friendly product. Free of toxic chemicals.
  • Anti-Friction Top Cover: Added moisture wicking properties that help keep feet dry.
  • Comfort Enhancing: Cushioning material molds to your foot providing all day comfort.
  • Low Profile Design: Fits great in most dress and casual shoes. Provides extra comfort and custom fit.