Comfort Crew Sport Socks (Multi 3-Pack)



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BIRKENSTOCKS are made in European sizes. 

They fit on the big side & take time to contour to your feet.

Size 47 EU = Size 14 to 14.5

Size 48 EU = Size 15 to 15.5

Size 49 EU = Size 16 to 16.5

Size 50 EU = Size 17 to 17.5

Other Colors:
Comfort Crew Sport Socks (Multi 3-Pack) Aegean/lava/cactus

Size: 15-18

Finally a true XXL size sock! High quality athletic sport socks with king sized comfort for men with big feet. Now available in a wide range of colors.

  • XXL fits men's shoe sizes 15-18
  • Lightweight, breathable
  • Crew length
  • Material content: 50% cotton, 30% polyester, 17% nylon, 3% spandex
  • Multi 3-Pack contains three pairs (one red, one grey, one blue)

Customer Reviews

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Rae Watson
Great socks

Big hit with my big guy! It’s impossible to find size 15 + socks on any store shelf. He wears them until they’re threadbare then we start all over again. Love the color options too!!!

Tony Foster
High quality sock

These socks are high quality. They have a brilliant color and they are true to size.

William G.

It is truly good to have garments that fit properly. Otherwise examined the quality is very good also. I'm really satisfied with this purchase.

Guy Hugh Baudette
The normal socks abnormal people are looking for

Congratulations, your epic sock quest ends here 🧙 All that's left for you to do is purchase these socks of legend and your curse of compression will be lifted 💫 You're a healthy giant, you don't have diabetes, so how come half your socks are compression socks? Tired of being treated like you don't exist? A lot of sock companies think diabetes is a crucial prerequisite to growing feet as big as yours, but you know that's just what comes stock on any tree trunk style legs. Oddball sees your suffering though & has eliminated it swiftly like mana from your mage with their release of XXXL size 15-17 crew cut socks, just like your usual Hanes but in a size almost impossible to get your hands on typically. They even come in a variety of unique colors. You'll be the belle of the basketball game with these beauty's on. ⛹🏽‍♀️

Scott Bennett

Comfort Crew Sport Socks (Multi 3-Pack)

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