Follow these easy steps to find your size.
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Note: It is easiest if you have someone assist you... but you can do it yourself.
1) If you plan on wearing socks with the shoes, wear the socks you will wear.
2) Stand on a piece of paper with both feet. We recommend taping a couple of pieces together because the large size of your feet may not fit on just one page. It is best that you stand because your feet will spread out more than if you are sitting.

NOTE: It is important to measure BOTH feet. Most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other.
3) Trace your feet (or have your assistant do this). Try to keep the pen/pencil that you are using as vertical as possible and as close as possible to the foot.
4) Draw a straight horizontal line at the heel and toe at the longest point and also on each side of the foot at the widest point.

5) Measure the distances (length and width), then use largest measurements. Remember to double check your measurements.
6) It is recommended that you subtract about 3/16 of an inch or 5mm from your measurement to get the true size of your foot. This is because the tracing is an outline of the foot.

Use the measurements of the larger foot.

Our Foot Model's larger foot measured: 12.625 inches long and 4.625 inches wide. So his exact measurements are 12.45 by 4.45 inches.

Now look at the Shoe Sizing Chart in the next section...