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Zoom Freak 3

black/light photo Blue/white

MPN  DA0694-001

Giannis has a freakishly athetlc game that combines massive strides, misdirecting Euro steps, and the ability to play 1-5. He can get by anyone on his way to the hoop. The Zoom Freak 3 amplifty his impact on the game.

Driving Force

The lighweight, molded midsole is hollowed out under the forefoot, where 2 Zoom Air units are positioned. This allows the Zoom units to compress under the weight then expand and help return energy.

Top Down Control

A molded hook-and-loop strap is made from flexible, durable TPU. It wraps over the lower laces to help reduce internal foot movement by harnessing you over the cushioning.

Euro Step Stability

An external peice of lightweight, durable TPU is built into the outer-side midsole. It helps keep your foot stable over the footbed when making quick side-to-side directional changes like Giannis Euro step.

Product Details

  • Tongue pull tab
  • Reverse Nike Swoosh
  • Reinforced toe
  • Standard Lacing
  • MPN DA0694-001